Portable Picnic

72" h. x 23" w. x 9" d.
Ceramics by Barbara Broadwell of Oklahoma City, OK
Pewterware by Margareta Grill of Tulsa, OK

After the exhibit, I created new pieces to replace the ones that had been made by my collaborators.
This artwork is now called Picniced and you may see it here.

Artist's Statement
Cold outdoors? Raining? But you want to go on a quiet picnic in the great outdoors?
A portable picnic provides you with everything you need.
Create a wonderful atmosphere compete with a pond, flowers and all you need to feel warm and safe from the elements yet surrounded by their beauty.
The portable picnic is light and versatile to meet your needs anywhere, anytime.


• Dinner in the Deuce, Untitled [ArtSpace], Oklahoma City, OK - 2008
Installation pictures